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Over the Horizon

This painting portrays a vibrant, yet relaxing, sunset. The thin strip of land contrasts against the grandiose sky which fills most of the canvas space. Almost as a reminder, this painting provides a humble sense of perspective. Life, and what’s beyond, is eternal and we are only a small part of the puzzle.

This artwork began as a light sketch on canvas. I used an HB pencil to draw the horizon line and sketch the direction of the colors in the sky. I began painting the yellows and oranges first, and quickly working my way up the canvas to blend hues and avoid hard edges. Lastly, I painted a few more layers, allowing the previous one one to dry, to create glazes and build richness to the hues.

This is the original artwork.
Caring for Your Original
Size: 9" x 12" x 0.5"
Media: acrylic on gallery stretched canvas


Prints from $30

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