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Home Collection

The environment you surround yourself in defines how you live, feel and even breathe. Everything in your space, including what you hang on your walls should support your health, productivity and well-being. 

This collection is centered around this most important space in our lives: home. Colors, shapes and textures influence our mood and behavior. Make your home a calm oasis, the place where you can find peace and unwind with one of these elegant paintings.

Iris Collection

This is a stunning and very special collection of paintings. Courage, faith and hope are the roots of this body of work. We face many crossroads in our lives. We face many complex decisions. However, it’s these three qualities that encourage us and move us forward. They give us strength in our journey and the confidence of knowing that we are -- you are -- exactly where we are supposed to be. The Iris subject matter serves as a beautiful symbol for this important reminder and provides a powerful visual statement for any space.

Skyscape Series

There is something magical about the ever-changing colors in the sky. The moment is ephemeral and passes right before our eyes. Looking at skies has always been relaxing to me as it not only provides a beautiful view, but it gives me a sense of humble perspective. I think about the millions of others under this same atmosphere and what they might be going through. This series celebrates that human connection and those fleeting moments that we must stop to enjoy before they disappear.

Tides Collection

Liberation comes with certain artistic processes. Painting using bold, unapologetic brushstrokes is one way I feel uninhibited when I work. This collection depicts that sense of freedom using abstracted views inspired by the movement of the ocean. From crashing waves to a crawling tide, there are so many stages of the kinetics of water. Each paintings aims to capture the elegance and balance of the ebb and flow that mother nature provides.

Hearts Collection

This special collection of vibrant paintings reminds us to love one another. The hearts are playful, energetic and full of life. Hopefulness and optimism exude from the color and movement of the brushstrokes, which call us to always stay young at heart.

A portion of the proceeds from each painting goes toward helping the community and
families in Uvalde, Texas.

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