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iris painting
flower painting

A special feature about this piece is that the orientation can be changed. The composition work well when rotated also.

Just Breathe

The noise of life is unyielding. Our days are packed with to-dos and our minds are constantly occupied with all the things. We become accustomed to the interruptions, distractions and fast pace of this world.

Just Breathe offers us a chance to pause, reflect and recenter. The abstracted iris subject invites us follow its lines and curves, like rolling hills on a distant landscape, to dive deeper into our hearts. The undulating lines and forms mimic the deep breaths we all need to take at times on our journey. It whispers "Stop, be present, and appreciate this moment."

This is the original painting.
Caring for Your Acrylic 
Size: 24" x 36" x 1.5"
Media: acrylic on gallery stretched canvas, sealed with two coats of protective satin varnish
Price: $1200

Prints from $25

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