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 The Magnolia Collection

Celebrating strength, courage and resilience.

This very special series of magnolia paintings began during my son's cancer treatment. There was a large, beautiful magnolia tree that stood strong outside of our apartment window at St. Jude. Despite their environments, magnolia trees thrive in almost all regions of the world.

The magnolia blooms withstood almost daily Memphis summer storms...they were surviving despite their circumstances much like my son.


I was consistently inspired by my son's strength as he endured treatment. He recovered from each of the difficult and painful things, time and time again. From multiple brain surgeries to radiation and chemo, his spirit never wavered. 


We don't always get to choose our circumstances. Life can change on a dime and we have to adapt in order to survive. We don’t realize our own strength until we hit rock bottom, and have to get up. Through unbearable experiences we grow. 

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Original Magnolia paintings are available online and at the North Carolina Museum of Art Gift Shop in Raleigh. Select prints are available online.

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