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Welcome to the

 The Indigo Collection

Inspired by grief, gratefulness, and eternal love.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


Indigo hues and horizon-inspired compositions take command of this dynamic collection. Each painting boasts imperfect lines stretching across the space, serving as a symbol for what our eyes are able to see, and the realm beyond our sight: this is where the Indigo Collection exists.

These originals display tranquility, depth and meaning through color, line and texture.

Indigo Minis_edited.png

Indigo paintings can also be found at the
North Carolina Museum of Art
Gift Shop.

It is ok to feel both grief and
To feel both sadness and joy
To feel both loss and hope
There is space for both.

- Rachel Marie Martin


Everywhere | acrylic on gallery stretched canvas | 11"x14"
Available at the NCMA

Continuance Side

The newest Indigo, hot off the easel.


8" x 10" x 1.5" | acrylic on gallery stretched canvas

His spirit shines brighter than any darkness that ​tries to bring me down.

This new painting reflects faith and hope. It preserves the horizontal composition and showcases the dominant blue hues of the Indigo Collection, while pushing the color boundaries with more vibrant teals with a hint of lavender. 

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