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Art is a visual language that speaks without uttering a word. It's a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, and it unites us all as we go through this unpredictable journey

called life.

Jamie Lynn Moore

Art honoring life's moments.


Featured Artworks:

Turn a priceless moment into a timeless work of art with a personalized painting. 

Allow me to help. I would love to
work with you.

Ashley and Nutmeg

Artwork Collections

Enliven your space with an
an artwork from one of these original collections.

Have faith, value where you are and live the grateful life.


Learn to Paint

Making art is good for the soul. 

Painting workshops are the perfect way to tap into your creative potential and connect with others through creative fellowship. I offer public and private painting events. You will walk away with a beautiful handmade work of art and unforgettable memories.

"We loved everything about the paint party with Jamie. She was patient and professional while also like being part of the family. From start to finish the whole experience was super fun, well organized and the custom canvases were exactly what we wanted!" 
- Kayla W.

Sunflower Paint Party
995A9249 copy_edited.jpg

Meet Jamie Lynn

Fine Artist

My work employs personal symbols to explore the ebb and flow of life, addressing sensitive themes such as strength during adversity and grief and gratefulness. I'm a versatile painter and my art exists at the intersection of nature, my imagination and personal experiences. Rich color palettes, organic shapes and textures, and exciting contrast dominate my paintings. My art, although visually diverse, offers significant reflections on
life's unpredictable journey.

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